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We are also offering Banner ads on pages within The Marin Directory. These are the small boxed ads which will link to your page, visually directing viewers to your site. They can be place on any of the inside listing Marin Directory pages available. We can build these for you or use your supplied ad. These are available on a yearly contract, for low as $15. per month, or 150 per year. Contact us for more information and pricing.

*We may add national affiliate banner ads to "pay the bills" but will gladly "bump" them for local banner ads.

About Us

We are a partnership with over 20 yrs. background in the computer and graphics industry, with home offices in Fairfax.

Marin Direct, P. O. Box 774, Fairfax, California 94978-0778

(We ask that the content be in good taste if we are to include the page in the Marin Directory.)

Web Page Services, (on a limited basis, some black-out dates)

A one or two page simple Web site with text and up to eight of your supplied graphics, such as photographs, logos or artwork start as low as $400. + hosting, for a basic site. (View a Sample web page) We will also include a background suited for your page if desired & add your links. We can also provide graphics from our library if needed. Our Basic rate charge is $35. per hour. Let us know what you would like or provide us a Web address as your example.

Drop us a E-mail (click here) and we can contact you via E-mail or by phone to discuss a web page. Later we will mail you our layout sheet & information package when you are ready to get started.

Hosting - We will host your page at www."your name" for $25 a month, (less than $1. a day) prepaid for 6 months. Monthly updates to your page are included, if you desire. More frequent updates can be arranged. More pages can also be arranged. Contact us for additional information or questions.

We can also build & update sites on your server for larger projects.

What's in a name...? ...the price!
You have two choices when it comes to your Web address name (URL). If you are looking for low cost, (about $25. per month, depending on the size of your site) you can have an address as"yourname", we do this for you.

If you want www."yourname".com the price goes up. This requires registering your name with a company called InterNic, or other similar companies. First you find out if the name is available by searching the name(s) you wish to use. You currently pay InterNic approx.$100 for the first two years and $50 per year thereafter to hold onto the name.
To host a "virtual name" will require a separate virtual name account through an internet provider which will run approximately $40-50 per month. You will need to search, register and setup an virtual internet account via InterNic & your provider will bill you separately. For affordable prices for Web name hosting try They are local and have very competitive prices. Tell them Marin Direct sent you!

At this point we build and up date your site and maintain for $25. per month.

Your costs:"yourname", about $25 per month.
www.", about $75 per month.

Additional Services (on a limited basis, some black-out dates)

Updates - We can update your page more frequently than once a month or a requested time frame at an additional charge. A prepaid plan can be worked out to suit your needs. (The monthly updates, sent via email, if desired, are included in the hosting.)

Additional Graphics are $10 each , $5 each if supplied on disk or Emailed, Disk formats, Tiff or JPG, - Mac, IBM or Zip. No charge for graphic deletions on updates. (eight included with basic site & additional pages are allotted four more graphic items, to be used anywhere in the site.)

Additional charge may occur for extensive amounts of text, / inventory etc., and must be electronic type written or via email (hourly)

Photo manipulation or Logo designs (hourly)

On site Photography services (hourly)

- We also offer scanning services, digital, still photography.

Click here to E-mail us, just let us know what you want.